LIFT Performance Enhancement uses a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional, and integrative approach  to helping you be the most efficient "performer" you can be.

REALIGN • Return your body to it's ideal postural alignment by lengthening tight muscles and and strengthening others. Change the shape of the related connective tissue (fascia) so your movement will not be so restricted. Through massage/bodywork and corrective exercise we will help you create a new body awareness; how you feel and look in space.


REEDUCATE • If you come in with a body that's not doing something "right", we want you to leave doing something different, something better.  Once you are more properly aligned, you need to relearn movement patterns that are normal in your life.  This may be simple activities of daily living or more complex sport skills.  


REBUILD • Get strong!  Learn to integrate your new body into the activities that you love!  The goal is stay injury free, perform at your optimal level, and delay that body decay that so many know as "aging".  


We want to give you the skills to keep you out

of our offices and get you back to living and playing!