Lisa H. Jamison

Lisa has been working in sports and fitness for over 30 years.  She graduated The University of Connecticut with a BS in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training while being part of the first wave of group fitness instructors and personal trainers of the early 1980's fitness boom.  Although she has worked full-time in specific fields within both sports and fitness, she quickly realized that integrating her passions was the ideal career setting.  She has continued her education with certifications in athletic training, strength and conditioning, coaching, massage therapy, corrective exercise, medical therapeutic yoga, energy medicine, and healing so she can see her clients from a different point of view.  Her fields of study as her interests change, she experiences new activities, and as the needs of her clients evolve. 


"My training comes from both sports and fitness.  As an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist I evaluate movement and performance.  Participant objectives are always essential to selecting the training modality.  I combine skills in injury prevention and rehab, corrective exercise, and sheer enjoyment to help clients reach individual goals."

Frances Babb

Frances is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a yoga instructor.  She recently relocated to Tampa from Washington, DC and New York City where she had a vital bodywork and yoga practice for over 30 years. Graduating from the Soma School of Massage, she began her life long career. Adding to her many tools she studied CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Myofascial Therapy, and Chi Nei Tsang-Happy Belly Massage. In her search for themost effective modalities, she discovered Polarity Therapy and KST-Koren Specific Technique. She attained her APP with Roger Gischrist, world renowned Polarity Therapy teacher and then her KST certification from Dr. Tedd Koren. She also has extensive knowledge of the healing potential of yoga and Ayurveda and strives to help students and clients through the maze of healing. She enjoys helping others achieve a pain free experience and attain a state of radiant wellbeing.


"After 30 years of touching thousands of bodies I know one thing for certain; we are a miracle. Within our form, a mysterious life force flows which can be affected by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitudes, relationships, life experience, trauma, and environmental factors. I am honored to be able to share with others the gift of touch and all the healing it brings."

Sahara Rodriguez                                                   

Sahara is an intuitive empath who has been in professional practice for over 20 years. She has studied and trained with spiritual teachers from around the world and brings together many aths in the spirit of Oneness. She is a minister, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, and author of the inspirational "Beyond the Reflection".  She has compassionately assisted many people on their healing journey and is dedicated to heart centered service. Her intention is always to create a safe and nurturing space in which to heal.


"Trust in your journey. Your life is unfolding in its own unique time and way for your purpose."