Stuff I Like, Stuff I've Suggested

You may find the tools for your "homework", your HEP, your training, your therapy here! These are the resources that I use for the best equipment at the best prices. I do not receive compensation from any of these companies nor do I own them. If I did...I probably wouldn't be working anymore ;-)

Versa Tubes by Power Systems If we are doing shoulder corrective exercise or you have injury, you want to purchase the Extra Light and Light bands. Most other available bands do not come in a resistance that is light enough for corrective work.

Double Cords by Power Systems These bands offer the same set of resistance that the Versa Bands offer. Bands are attached to a mesh loop that can be used to attach the system to a stationary object (pole) or to put in a door. 

Door Anchor This is a simple tool that allows you to work with your bands anywhere there is a sturdy door! 

Extra Large Balance Cushion by Clever Yoga This pad will be good for standing with both feet as well as for kneeling. If you're using the pad to sit upon, the smaller pad (called Large) will be appropriate

Mini Bands by Perform Better These bands are worn above the knees and ankles. Multiple bands can and will be worn at once so I recommend getting multiples of the two lighter resistances before going to the heavier if you're doing corrective work.