What uncertain times and unchartered territory we dwell!

This is definitely a time to heed all precautions; stay inside whenever you can, practice the safest measures prescribed when venturing out for necessities, and disinfecting items as they enter your home.

The new normal, "sheltering in place", can be stress inducing. There isn't a better time to practice the recommendation to focus on what we can control and leave the rest.

I hope you will take a "time out" with me! I would love to see your face, hear your voice. I offer two daily check-ins, with breathing/pranayama in the morning, and simple restorative and yin yoga postures in the evening.  

And if you like the longer Healing Breathwork Meditation, I'll be back each Thursday evening at 5:30pm (60-75 mins). These sessions will be lead with ideas for focus/intention. These sessions will allow the intellect to quiet so the body and emotion can come through. 

May 2020

Join me at 9:00am Mon-Fri for 15-20 mins of traditional pranayama/breathwork. We will most often focus on balance, recovery, and "de-adrenalizing" (parasympathetic patterns).


Meeting 975-8949-7874

Join me at 7:00pm for 15-20 mins for a time of kindness to your physical body. Restorative Yoga (positions of ease) and Yin Yoga (fascial unwinding) will be offered.


Meeting 978-7671-5041

Thursday May 21


The Month of May

(4 sessions) $70

Allow your brain to focus on one thing...your breath. And when your brain is so mesmerized by your own breathing, perhaps the rest of your body will be heard.


...your intellect was so occupied your emotions snuck through?

...your physical body could tell you about your discomfort or pain?

...the energy of the experience shifted and you work through things instead of getting stuck?

...you became aware of yourself in a new way?

Join me LIVE or by recording

(available for 48 hours after the live event)

 Single Session

Payments also accepted via Venmo @Lisa-Jamison-3

$1-$20; pay as you are able.

Once I receive your payment I'll send you the link.

All sessions will be via Zoom.

 Month of May

Payments also accepted via Venmo @Lisa-Jamison-3

or $70 for the monthly package.

Once I receive your payment I'll send you the link.

All sessions will be via Zoom.