The INITIAL ASSESSMENT AND CONSULTATION helps us get past the symptoms (pain, decreased function) and treat the root of the issue.  We analyze standing postural alignment, gait, and movement patterns/sport skills needed by the individual.  In addition to a well trained eye, we employ the Functional Movement Screen and the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute's Diagnostic Algorithms.  Of course, we put this together with information we receive from the medical community, coaches, and trainers.


Not all of our clients require an Initial Assessment.  If you are involved in sports, have injuries, and looking for a new protocol, etc., the assessment is a necessary tool.  Assessments are performed by Lisa Jamison; please let us help decide which practitioner and modalities would best meet your goals.


The fee for this 90-minute consultation is $150.00.

Think about what happens to your body when you are in pain.  Some muscles compensate, or work harder than they are supposed to.  Other muscles may "splint" to keep the injured body part from moving.  Some movements are so painful that those muscles simply shut down.  When these things happen you start to walk funny, hold your head in a different position, acquire odd looking postures...or just sit in a chair until it goes away.  


Our goal is to find your body's "bad habits" and "reprogram" you.  Together we stimulate what needs to work, and calm down things that have been overworking.  Think about it this way:  anyone can get you stretched out, relaxed, and comfortable on a massage table.  Is that going to do you any good when you get up a walk?  Run or ride your bike?  We will help you get rid of those faulty patterns and establish new ones that are healthier and more functional.  


Part of our process is to teach you how to maintain what we've done during our time together.  Stretching, strengthening, and focus is all part of the "homework".  The more you participate in this part of the program, the more quickly your body adapts.  This means less time with us and more time doing the things you like.  

We have a variety of MASSAGE AND BODYWORK SERVICES.  Classic or Swedish massage is used for relaxation, stress reduction, normalizing body tissue, and flushing.


In addition, we offer advanced and specialty services.  We hope our dialogue with you helps discern the best option for your needs.  We utilize techniques including Myofascial, Neuromuscular Reeducation/Therapies,  muscle-specific, and deep tissue.  We also specialize in Medi-Cupping, Reiki, and Polarity.

Lisa Jamison (MA42488), Sahara Rodriguez (MA55610), and Frances Babb (MA78100) are available within our Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation offices (MM32568).  We try to accommodate house calls for those in need.  We cover a variety of sporting events; inquire about our availability.


Our prices range from $70-$90/hr depending on the service.  Package rates are available.  We also have a limited amount of assistance  for those in need.


Continue reading or click here for descriptions of our services.

LIFT Performance Enhancement

uses a whole-body and multidisciplinary approach to helping you perform at your highest level.  Whether you are looking for better health, improved well-being, or optimal performance, our services are designed to get you (and keep you!) on the desired path.


We use YOGA INSTRUCTION not only as an important part of our training programs but also as a stand-alone service.  Lisa and Frances both have advanced training in addition to their Yoga Alliance approved 200-hr training.  We enjoy teaching our long-term clients and  also find that private instruction makes for good class-readiness.  Lisa specializes in therapeutic yoga so enjoys using yoga as corrective therapy. 


Sessions are scheduled within our Bella Prana training facility or by special arrangement in your own quiet space. 


Our prices range from $80-$100/hr.  Package rates are available.


In addition, Lisa is part of the regular teaching schedule at Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation with Restorative Yoga and Breathwork Meditation. Special workshops at a number of studios include the following.

YIN MULTISPORT • yoga for athletes

Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation

Yoga 365

Go beyond the stretching of muscles and into the connective tissue.  Yoga  in the evening; perform better by morning.


Combine Restorative Yoga, Healing Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, meditation, and sound and aroma therapy for a guided journey into deeper repair for your mind, body, and spirit.


If you've ever groaned "Oh, my aching back!" you are not alone!  In this series of classes we will take a look at your posture and learn to start with your "weakest link".  We will work to relax that which is too tight and short while "turning on" those muscles that are underutilized. Corrective strategies will be used in this practice that combines asana, meditation,  and breathwork.



Coaching for healthy lifestyle, balanced living, and well-being.

Just like our business practice, YOU are a multidimensional person.  We love to help you create a balance and harmony by examining the many facets of YOU and helping you move and grow into wellness. 


We put your heart and soul in the center.  Our Bio-Psycho-Social model takes into consideration both evaluation and change in the physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual realms of your life.   Balance of these elements lead to greater contentment, overall wellness, and improved health/function.


Our model also represents the five koshas of Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga.  We will use the starfish to guide you to classes and programs that fit your health and lifestyle needs.

Programs run from an initial consultation to on-going assistance and are tailored to your needs.  Meet with Lisa in person, via phone, or electronically.  Consider us your resource for finding continued education and support as you need it.

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Lisa is available for private and small group sessions of



This two-part inhalation, one-part exhalation style of pranayama was learned under the guidance and lineage of David Elliot, clairaudient healer in Los Angeles.  The thinking/masculine/controlled brain focuses on the task of breathing, while the often more subtle mind and spirit can emerge. The work involves or allows for balancing chakral energy and ridding body tissues of "held" emotions, trauma, negativity, etc.  It truly allows body, mind, and spirit to meet for the purpose of healing, wholeness, and oneness. Lisa often combines this style of breathwork with more traditional yogic pranayama as well as restorative postures/asana.


Lisa also leads breathing groups at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation. Please check their class schedule.

Although CUPPING has been a therapeutic modality for ages it has been given much attention during the recent Olympic Games.  Lisa uses vacuum therapy as part of her practice  and was certified by ACE Medi-Cupping.  There are a variety of cups; glass or silicone, stiff or flexible, with or without magnets. The effects of cupping are many, and change as the cups are "parked" (left in place) or are moved.  We use cupping to help with pain, inflammation, and blood flow, with the majority of our clients using it to help with deep muscular relaxation, myofascial release, and improved mobility in their movement patterns.

REIKI is an ancient Japanese technique in which a trained practitioner uses "life force energy" through their hands to balance the chakras and align one's energy with health. Reiki has brought relief to people with multitudes of health challenges and conditions. Considered a complementary practice, Reiki addresses the physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional wellness of the participant.

Please allow Sahara to help you decide which of her Reiki offerings are best for your needs and intent of your session. She has 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions with a price range of $45-$80.

Sahara also leads Reiki and Meditation classes and workshops at Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation. Please check their class schedule.

TRAINING tools are dependent on needs and goals.  We try to meet you in your own environment, evaluate your normal movement patterns, and establish strengths and weaknesses.  We will work with what you have and push you out of your comfort zone as appropriate. LIFT is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional...just like you.  


Sessions are scheduled with Lisa within our Bella Prana Yoga training facility or by special arrangement on your own turf.   


Lisa's Training fee is $100/hr.  Package rates are available.

  Both Lisa and Sahara are available for private and small group sessions of MEDITATION. We invite you to help you decide what practices and formats might be most beneficial to you. We can offer you guided meditation, pranayama/breathing, mantra based, spiritual, or mindfulness trainings. Please speak to one of us the next time you see us in class, or call for guidance.