(Re)Landscaping for Spring

Inward Journey. Outward Creation.

What seeds are you planting to create the beautiful landscape of your life?

In this period of the spring equinox, the days are getting longer; equal day and equal night. The sun is shining, the seeds are being sown, and we work for the later bloom and bouniful harvest. What are your seeds? What is your picture of the beautiful landscape of your life?

Join us for two days of inner exploration, intuition, and creativity.

  • Intuitive Guidance, wisdom reading, and symbolic language of the season with Gretchen
  • Deep meditation utilizing breathwork and the senses with Lisa
  • Processing and creation of your vision with Beth
  • Integration of the tools for your intuitive landscape...find your land, weed out what doesn't serve your plot, plant new seeds, bring life into your vision!

Each participant will receive a 30-min Intuitive Reading from Gretchen prior to the weekend; this will complement a private session with her during the weekend.

Just as the days of the equinox are equal light and dark, you will have equal sessions of personal and group time, inner journeying and outward expression, lightness and shadows, work and recovery.

This intimate gathering is limited to twelve.

Bring yoga mat and other tools for comfort (bolsters, blankets); some will be available.

Snacks will be available (fruit, teas, nuts); please bring lunch. A full kitchen is available.

Learn more about your guides

Gretchen the Wingwoman

Beth the Disco Doll

Lisa the Tiller of Lands

Saturday 3/23     9:00-4:00

Sunday 3/24     10:00-3:00


Autumn Exhale

A Weekend of Inner Harvest

Friday Oct 18     6:00-9:00pm

Saturday Oct 19     9:00am-4:00pm

Sunday Oct 20     10:00am-3:00pm


Join us for a celebratory weekend of spiritual harvest, intuitive journeying, and creative soulful exhale! Come receive the blessings of deep Breathwork, shamanic explorations for creating harmonious relationship, and the nourishment of art-making and reflexology! 

  • EXHALE in meditation, deep Breathwork, and sound healing with your practitioner, Lisa
  • RECEIVE intuitive guidance, autumn astrology, and vision questing to create inner/outer harmonious relationships with your guide, Gretchen
  • EXPLORE, play, and create art with your art teacher, Beth.
  • BLESS and CELEBRATE your path forward with a private foot reflexology session and foot reading insights with Cody of The Foot Whisperer.
  • NOURISH! The weekend will be warmed by delicious home made harvest treats!

This intimate gathering is limited to twelve. 

This weekend's cornucopia will provide autumn energy spiritual teachings. Each participant will receive a 30-min intuitive reading from Gretchen in the days prior to the weekend and an additional 30-min private session during the weekend. LIsa will guide you through quick and simple meditation practices as well as through deep, altered state breathwork session (small groups). Beth will be available during the entire weekend to guide you through your creative expression and art projects. Stay grounded with Cody will be available after the weekend with a 30-min reflexology session.

Bring a yoga mat and other tools for comfort (bolsters, blankets; some will be available)

Snacks will be available. A full kitchen is available for lunch.

Learn more about your guides

Gretchen the Wingwoman

Lisa the Inspiration

Beth the Disco Doll

Cody the Foot Reader